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Is Buying Bitcoin on Thodex Reliable?

Bitcoin digital currency, published in 2009 by a person nicknamed Satoshi Nakamoto with blockchain technology, is the most popular investment tool.

In addition to being a digital currency, it is also a payment method. Is It Reliable to Buy Bitcoin on Thodex, which will make bitcoin purchases through the domestic exchange owned by Thodex? you can find the answer to the question.

What is Bitcoin?

The first payment with Bitcoin, the most important and preferred product in the cryptocurrency world, took place to pay 2 pizza fees. This has also opened the way for Bitcoin to be used as a real currency. However, due to fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin, this situation is disrupted from time to time. Therefore, using the term value storage tool for Bitcoin can be considered an accurate statement. Bitcoin continues to be among the most widely used investment vehicles today, despite the ups and downs, even with constant changes in prices.  Thodex is one of the files that provides the best service for buying Bitcoin and offers the highest quality options.

In this article we have compiled for you; How to buy Bitcoin We will answer questions such as what should be done to buy Bitcoin from Thodex.

How to Buy Bitcoin on Thodex

You must have a Thodex account that is offered free of charge in the first place to receive Bitcoin. If you don’t have a Thodex account, you can complete the new membership process in no time via the Thodex homepage or the Thodex Mobile app.

You can then enter the two-step verification code to process all your transactions through the panels located here.  You can transfer funds by EFT or re transfer methods to bank accounts belonging to the banks where Thodex works by writing down the code given to you after the member entry.

Bitcoin Buying Stages at Thodex

The overdue TL account you will invest in must be on your own name. After transferring funds from this account, this amount will be transferred to your Thodex account shortly. To buy Bitcoin with your Turkish Lira balance, you can order a purchase to buy Bitcoin by typing the amount you will pay. When the field order you have issued matches another user’s order, the transactions will be completed. .


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